PRO-JECT Connect it E Phono RCA to 5pin 1,23m (978 27548)

Audiophile Phono Cable

Semi-balanced phono interconnect cable engineered for performance

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Άμεσα διαθέσιμο

Άμεσα διαθέσιμο

Gold plated connectors & tight fit

Connect it E is terminated with high-conductivity RCA connectors for a tight fit that won’t come loose when you move your equipment. They’re 24k gold plated for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.


Correct usage

As the Connect it E cable is a parallel symmetrical cable the shield is only connected on one end. The yellow mark indicates this side. The marked side should always be connected to the receiving end (i.e. phono stage or amplifier).


Available configurations

Pre-configured stereo set - 1.23 m with earth wire

5P to RCA
Pre-configured stereo set - 1.23 m with earth wire


Technical Specifications

Assembly Quasi-balanced, individually shielded twisted pairs
Conductors High purity oxygen free copper
Dielectric Polyethylen
Hacket Transparent PVC
Length Pre-configured stereo sets 1.23 m with earth wire
Cable Capacity 130pF
Cable Impedance 77Ω
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ (500V DC)



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